About the Journal

About Pathways: Stanford Journal of Public Health (SJPH): 

Pathways: Stanford Journal of Public Health (SJPH) is an annual, student-led publication centered at Stanford University dedicated to connecting different players in the public health community — inviting undergraduate students, graduate scholars, and distinguished experts — to discuss central conversations revolving around public health. The Journal features a multi-faceted approach to public health issues and is divided into three sections: Exploration and Innovation, Governance, and Reflections. We seek to provide those at Stanford and at other peer universities to engage in these discussions and introduce new research by contributing to the Journal. The Journal offers interested individuals the opportunity for tangible contributions to the public health sector and simultaneously raises awareness of relevant critical issues in public health.

** Our 2023 Issue will be published in May **


Exploration and Innovation: showcases cutting-edge research on current public health issues and outcomes; spotlights potential tools for public health enhancement and profiles practice-based approaches to public health.

Governance: introduces potential and current systemic policy-based public health approaches
Reflections: a space for personal narratives and experiences related to public health journeys and stories.

Current Editor-in-Chief of Pathways: Stanford Journal of Public Health:

2022-23: Tom Quach