About the Journal

The Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum Journal is an interdisciplinary publication on subject areas of mutual interest to the United States and the Russian Federation. The Journal, the subsidiary journal of the Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum (SURF), serves as the culmination of a year of collaboration between a select group of young professionals interested in furthering U.S. - Russia relations within the scope of their area of expertise. Each year, SURF Fellows conduct research in small working groups on themes including but not limited to arms control, business, arts and culture, climate and environment, education, media, and space.

At its inception in 2008, the SURF Journal was conceived as a collection of research and professional articles offering sustainable solutions and concrete recommendations for the working groups’ niche of U.S. - Russia collaboration.

Acceptance into the Journal is dependent upon participation as a SURF Fellow, the originality of a working group’s research, IRB approval or exemption from the Fellows’ institutions, when applicable, and passing SURF alumni and editorial review. Further, SURF working groups are encouraged to continue their research beyond the formal SURF program, and to publish their findings in other publications in addition to the Journal as a means to broaden the reach of their conclusions.

JOIN THE EFFORT SURF welcomes applications from graduate and undergraduate students, as well as young professionals, from all disciplines and backgrounds, regardless of prior exposure to Russia or the United States. Our alumni have gone on to work in national governments, major consulting firms and banks, policy centers and think tanks, and in prominent tech companies. Others have built careers in medicine, law, entrepreneurship, and have entered PhD and professional programs at some of the world's most prestigious universities. If you would like to donate to SURF or learn about how you can contribute as a mentor or speaker, please reach out using the contact form on our website at: https://usrussia.stanford.edu/contact.