The Realities of Dreaming

A Discovery Through Interdisciplinary Lens


  • Brianna Liu


For centuries, scholars have questioned the purpose of the phenomenon that occurs in every slumbering individual — dreaming. People believed dreams to serve as predictors of the future, insights into the spiritual world, or manifestations of our innermost desires. Yet today, the common perception is that dreams carry no meaning, based on the assumption that they do lack logic and often defy the rules of our waking world. In actuality, however, dreams serve a crucial role in all aspects of human lives: physical and mental health, social status and life quality. And perhaps, they may even change the future of our world. This interdisciplinary article aims to shed insight into the realities of dreaming and dispel any misconceptions of this shared phenomenon. Sleep and dream deprivation negatively affects people’s lives in numerous ways, and can even be considered as an epidemic due to the large amount of affected individuals. I further attempt to help explain why humans should prioritize sleeping more so that they can dream more, and ultimately inspire them to attain the long-term benefits from dreaming.  






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