Beyond the Impossible: Examining Alternative Meat Product Consumption in Austria



Environmental innovations are critical in shaping people’s daily habits and resource consumption. These mechanisms aim to mitigate the harm done to the environment due to climate change and other anthropogenic activities. Previous research has postulated how governmental policies, business ventures, as well as a level of cultural acceptance can be advantageous for both environmental and human health. This paper articulates how alternative meat products are especially beneficial for the environment compared to their traditional animal meat counterparts by examining current trends in Austria. Austria in particular has adapted alternative meat products to fit the needs of their current population. Based on the present case study, incorporating meaningful adjustments to one’s diet (i.e., consuming alternative meat products rather than animal meat products) can have a lasting, positive effect on ecosystems and sustainable practices. Literature in the future should focus on social norms and projected trends associated with animal meat consumption internationally.






STS and Our Food