Accelerated Automation and Designing the Future of Labor


  • Mona Anvari Undergraduate Student


Future studies is an interdisciplinary field that studies how human life changes in the future. As we look into the future, there are numerous possibilities. A holistic study of the present and the past trends determines the most probable future. The next step in future design is to tweak the expected future to explore an extensive list of possible futures. Possible and probable futures are used to design a preferable future imaginatively and suggest an action plan that bridges the gap between the most probable future and the preferable future. 

In this work, the framework of future studies is applied to the topic of automation and future of labor. The article concludes that in order to proactively design a preferable future,  work needs to be done in seven main areas of education, profit-sharing, UBI, health insurance, Human-centered automation and collective bargaining.






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