Motivating the Learner: Mozilla’s Open Badges Program

Emily Goligoski


Discussions about the value of education—particularly from elite universities—have coincided with the creation of alternative forms of accreditation for intended adoption by professionals (both degreed and not) to showcase skills to improve their futures. “It's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements gained outside of school,” begins the description for the search engine organization Mozilla’s Open Badges program, a project that is in development and slated to publicly launch this spring. The non-profit and open Internet advocate is creating a badge infrastructure as a way for people to use the web to share their expertise and experiences with potential employers and partners for the purpose of gaining “jobs, community recognition, and new learning opportunities.” Beyond presenting work history and digital skills, it seems to be a novel approach to legitimizing informal learning experiences, particularly for people who are trying to promote or reposition themselves.


open access, open source, indexing, badging

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